In an promotional event, that reunited the some of the World Cup Winners from 1983, Kapil Dev suggested that there shouldn’t be a fixed batting order for World Cup.

“There’s a lot of talk going on about No. 4 but you have to see the situation at that moment,”  Kapil said.

“I don’t think anybody these days have numbers [fixed positions in the line-up] – need of the hour is more important. You can send MS Dhoni, or anybody. No. 1 to 7 are all good enough to play there. One should not get confused. Play like you want to win the match and don’t go by the number. It should depend on the situation of the match.”

Kapil also said that definition of allrounder has changed now.

“Dhoni has set the standard so high. They [other wicketkeeper-batsmen] have the ability and talent. Only the execution over a period of time is needed and it won’t happen overnight. Yes, they’ve done a couple of good performances but the standard is really high in today’s team. They have a long way to go.”

“It’s very difficult to say. Is a batsman-bowler the only allrounder? You can now say even a wicketkeeper is an allrounder. The meaning of allrounder is changed. It’s not just about a batsman who makes runs and takes wickets. Wicketkeeper should also be on this list. That way, Dhoni comes in very high. If you’re good in two departments – any two departments – everyone will come under that if you include fielding.”

Former wicketkeeper Kirmani was also of the same view. “In our era, nobody considered a wicketkeeper an allrounder. Dhoni came and proved it. A wicketkeeper has to be an allrounder and since the advent of ODIs, there was more emphasis on a batsman and a wicketkeeper. Now a wicketkeeper is also an allrounder.”

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