The new PCB managing director, Wasim Khan wants Pakistan to improve their game and become number one, two or three in world cricket so that in stead of they ask India to play with them, India should ask Pakistan to play with them.

“It’s a massive challenge,” he said. “And I don’t think we’re going to see any solutions anytime soon. I think elections are going on in India, so nothing is going to happen in the near future. But, we are trying and [PCB chairman] Ehsan Mani is trying hard to get them to the table and get things moving.

“Until it’s not done (elections in India) there is no point in engaging them at this stage because we have to start over with new people in the BCCI,” Mani said. “But our relations with the Indian board are very good and we have mutual respect but we won’t be imploring them to play us. If we can take Pakistan cricket to a level where we are among the top three teams in the world, they will come on their own to play with us.

“I get a lot of messages from Indian journalists and public about their wish to play against Pakistan. Unfortunately, politics sneaks in which I don’t believe sports should ever be mixed up with. But it happens in our environment, especially in India it happens a lot.”

“We need to get the consistency and sustainability so we are looking at our internal affairs,” Wasim said. “Everything will be done but for now let’s get our domestic cricket right and make our grassroots stronger than ever and make our international team more sustainable in the near future so that they are successful at all levels.”

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