In a statement, New South Wales police confirmed Arsalan Khawaja (brother of Australian Cricketer, Usman Khawaja) had been arrested as part of a joint counter-terrorism investigation. “The arrest relates to documents allegedly found on University of NSW grounds in Aus year containing plans to facilitate terrorism attacks.”

Arsalan Khawaja is facing serious forgery, attempting to pervert justice charges relating to the discovery of a notebook containing alleged concocted plans to carry out terror attacks.

“We believe this was planned and it was calculated,” said Assistant Commissioner Mick Willing, of the NSW Counter Terrorism and Special Tactics Command.

“I think it’s fair to say this investigation is quite unique. We stand by the investigators and the decision they made at the time … we have acted in good faith, we have acted expeditiously,” AFP Assistant Commissioner Ian McCartney said.

“We note the current threat environment [and] the significance of the threats made at the time. We had to act early.”

Mr Khawaja’s arrest comes less than two months after investigators raided the Sydney home where he lives with his parents.

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